What we do

Fire Protection

Combination Units

Fire Power’s fleet of fire trucks are equipped as combination units. Fire and shower services on one chassis allows us to provide a cost effective method to deliver the safety protection services our customers require. Fire Power Combination Units exceed the minimum equipment specifications and operator training requirements as set out in Industry Recommended Practice #8: “Pumping of Flammable Fluids.”

Each of Fire Power’s fire fighting units are manned by two trained firefighters. Each unit carries a certified fire pump and an “Alcohol Resistant Type Concentrate” foam supply. Foam can be made either through the pump with the aid of our on board water supply, or by a nitrogen propelled premix system. The nitrogen also propels the “Purple K” Dry Chemical system which is equipped on each unit. This is ideal for quick knock down of a fire, especially in a gas rich environment, meaning that our fire trucks are still operational without the engine running.

The shower unit area of these trucks feature overhead and mid-section showers and eyewash stations, all supplied by heated, potable water. These units also have recovery bunks, first aid kits, and self contained breathing apparatus.

“Titan” Foam Cannon
  • 1000 gallons per minute foam pumping capacity
  • Coverage: 50 meters high x 150 meters distance
  • 2 x 4″ inlets, 6′ discharge
  • Easily portable


Breathing Air Safety Trailer

Fire Power’s well equipped fleet also features Breathing Air Safety Trailers. These trailers allow work to continue in environments where the air is unsafe for workers. Fire Power breathing air trailers can be transported to any location.

Each Breathing Air Safety Trailer is stocked with the following equipment:

  • 2 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • 6 Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus (SABA)
  • 8 300 cubic foot breathing air bottles
  • 2 spare carbon fiber bottles
  • 300 feet of 3/8″ Air Hose
  • 725 feet of 1/4″ Air Hose
  • 2 two-stage regulators
  • 2 six man manifolds
  • 3 Safe Area signs
  • 2 Flags
  • 1 Harness kit with one 6′ lanyard and rope
  • 1 flare gun with flares
  • 1 RAE hand pump kit with H2S and CO2 tubes
  • 1 Alberta #3 First Aid Kit
  • 1 telescopic wind sock and pole
  • 1 20lb 80ºC fire extinguisher
  • 1 7 pin to 6 pin electric plug changeover


Mobile Treatment Centers

Our Mobile Treatment Centers (MTC) are mounted on a full sized 4×4 pickup which means that our units can travel to remote locations. Each pickup chassis has a modular van body mounted which are insured to transport patients.

Fire Power MTC operators are certified to the minimum provincial requirements. MTC medical supplies exceed Alberta & BC provincial OH&S requirements.


Shower Units

Although most of our units are now “Combination” Fire Fighting & Shower units, we still have units dedicated strictly to decontamination services. The units come with one trained operator and meet Industry Recommended Practice (IRP) # 8 & 16. All units are equipped with 4 shower / eye wash stations, a first aid kit, and self contained breathing apparatuses.



Well Control

Fire Power Oilfield Firefighting Ltd. has 20+ years in the oil and gas industry specializing in well control and hydrocarbon firefighting prevention. We pride our company in developing cost effective methods and operating procedures to handle any well control or firefighting emergency in a safe and timely fashion.

Fire Power Oilfield Firefighting Ltd. has a very strict confidentiality agreement which all employees must agree to and sign within their employment contract. Our customers trust us with there business therefore we show the customer the respect they deserve. Our well control teams are banned from using any media devices and any deviation in regards to this are grounds for immediate dismissal.
Our company has many customers in which ERP’s have been developed for time and cost saving options. ERP costs are predetermined therefore there is no hidden equipment fees or “extras required depending on the scenario”.

Fire Power Oilfield Firefighting Ltd. has the ability to offer our customers all required equipment to safely handle any well control or firefighting emergency that may arise. Our well control supervisors have a combined total of over 75 years experience shared over 3 Supervisors.



Mobile Training Trailer

Fire Power brings the training to your location. Certified instructors bring our facility to your people to instruct the latest firefighting and life saving techniques.

Classroom Training Services

Fire Power’s certified instructors can teach the following courses at a facility of your choice:

Basic Industrial Fire Fighting Training

Following the IRP18 standards, trainees are instructed in proper use, storage, and refilling of fire extinguishers. Each student will extinguish three fires and also recharge their extinguisher.