Fire Protection

Combination Units

Fire Power’s fleet of fire trucks are equipped as combination units. Fire and shower services on one chassis allows us to provide a cost effective method to deliver the safety protection services our customers require. Fire Power Combination Units exceed the minimum equipment specifications and operator training requirements as set out in Industry Recommended Practice #8: “Pumping of Flammable Fluids.”

Each of Fire Power’s fire fighting units are manned by two trained firefighters. Each unit carries a certified fire pump and an “Alcohol Resistant Type Concentrate” foam supply. Foam can be made either through the pump with the aid of our on board water supply, or by a nitrogen propelled premix system. The nitrogen also propels the “Purple K” Dry Chemical system which is equipped on each unit. This is ideal for quick knock down of a fire, especially in a gas rich environment, meaning that our fire trucks are still operational without the engine running.

The shower unit area of these trucks feature overhead and mid-section showers and eyewash stations, all supplied by heated, potable water. These units also have recovery bunks, first aid kits, and self contained breathing apparatus.

“Titan” Foam Cannon
  • 1000 gallons per minute foam pumping capacity
  • Coverage: 50 meters high x 150 meters distance
  • 2 x 4″ inlets, 6′ discharge
  • Easily portable